Who We Are

We are over 20 local unions from the private and public sector in Northumberland County. We work together with our community partners to maintain and strengthen health care, the public education system and to protect our social programs.

Labour activists volunteer their time in many aspects to build stronger and more caring communities. We do this by fighting for equal access to quality social programs, public service, decent jobs and standard of living for everyone.

How We Help Our Community:

  • Working together
  • Being involved in the community
  • Educating our members
  • Lobbying Governments
  • Campaigning for justice
  • Taking Political Action
  • Supporting Striking Workers

The Northumberland Labour Council also works towards the advancement of workers in Northumberland through municipal, provincial and federal arenas.


Dan Tobin President
Branden Fonovic Vice President
Wendy Goodes Secretary-Treasurer
Linda MacKenzie-Nicholas Sergeant-At-Arms
Stephen Helleiner Trustee