April 2, 2022

Every year Northumberland Labour Council recognizes individuals who have gone far and beyond with Health and Safety in their workplace. This year we have two individuals who have stood out. Congratulations go out to Cynthia Croft from USW 14193, and Jessica Gallagher from CUPE 5555.

Cynthia Croft USW 14193

Cynthia Croft has been a member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee at CFM for the past 8 years, and she was the co-chair for the last 4 years. She has recently relinquished that title when she became the new vice president of USW local 14193. However, she continues to sit on the committee as a representative. Over the years, Cynthia has taken numerous courses to gain more knowledge on many areas of safety, including employee’s rights and employer’s responsibilities. Cynthia works diligently to make sure all employees know and understand their safety rights. Cynthia believes the key to a healthy and safe work environment is communication. Luckily, we have a strong union that supports her efforts.

Jessica Gallagher CUPE 5555

Jessica is a member of CUPE 5555, and has been the Joint H&S co-chair for many different worker groups in KPRDSB for many years. She is responsible for advocating for safety for some of our most vulnerable workers, and has led the way with a determination that has helped shape my own approach to H&S. She is also collaborative, and has been instrumental in changing the view about workplace violence in our industry over the past few years. Most importantly – she’s always on call, working to solve problems and be there for all of her members. She has impressed me from the first moment I started to work with her – and has done a lot of her own classroom work at East Northumberland SS.

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